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You wouldn’t be a caring or active parent-to-be if you didn’t worry. Worry is something that will follow you throughout your entire time in motherhood. It’s just part of the deal. When you have someone else on this planet who your life orbits around, you care for them on aRead More →

Coast Capital

Have you ever complained that “Budgeting is just too difficult”? It takes time, effort, and careful planning to organize your spending habits each month. That’s one of the reasons why it takes people so long to invest in a budget, to begin with. People simply don’t know how to efficientlyRead More →

make mums life easy

If there’s one universal understanding, it’s that moms are exhausted. It’s just a fact and one that everyone needs to be aware of. Mom’s – and Dad’s, let’s not forget Dad’s – put their all into their family and their work life. We do so everything we can and atRead More →

While most adults tend to look where they’re going, unless engrossed in their smartphone, children are often off in their own worlds watching the birds in the trees, pretending they’re riding a horse or thinking about what’s for dinner that night! When you add in the fact that kids haven’tRead More →

Technology will always continue to improve, and with it comes a whole host of practical uses. In the past, using a smartphone was considered a luxury and there weren’t many benefits to using one over a regular phone for parents. But as smartphone technology improved and more practical uses wereRead More →

Make Your Home Newborn-Friendly

It only seems like yesterday that your child was a toddler, taking their first shaky, tentative steps and you remember as if it was only a few weeks ago that they started to babble away and begin to talk. You can remember every aspect of their years clearly, from theirRead More →


When your kid needs a tutor it becomes very apparent, extremely quickly that you will have your work cut out for you when it comes to finding a great tutor for your kid. Then finding a great tutor that is in your price range and works within your families scheduleRead More →

My stress level has been at an all time high this past two weeks. I am just struggling, you know those weeks? Where everything you need to do is an uphill battle with your body and mind? Where nothing really gets done or when you complete something another thing justRead More →