bored kids

You wouldn’t be a caring or active parent-to-be if you didn’t worry. Worry is something that will follow you throughout your entire time in motherhood. It’s just part of the deal. When you have someone else on this planet who your life orbits around, you care for them on aRead More →

While most adults tend to look where they’re going, unless engrossed in their smartphone, children are often off in their own worlds watching the birds in the trees, pretending they’re riding a horse or thinking about what’s for dinner that night! When you add in the fact that kids haven’tRead More →

When my boys were young things were always nuts, especially when we decided to go out and enjoy ourselves outside the comforts and (sometimes) solitude of our own home. We loved being able to finally manage the energy to get out so any and everything that could help us alongRead More →

Summer is amazing, there is no better season to start getting out and active with your kids and for us that means gearing up for the Fall soccer season for both the boys.  In this house making sure the boys are in sports outside of school is a HUGE thing.  WeRead More →