Spring is here and that means lots of you are thinking of fun new ways to bring all that fresh produce back onto your tables. You are looking to get creative again in the kitchen, clean up your eating and really enjoy your food in its element. This is oneRead More →

Being on maintenance phase 1 of my #PoloWeightLoss journey has managed to open some more awesome food doors.  What does that mean??  It means that I have a larger list of food options, but I still need to stay away from carbs and sugars at all costs.  This of courseRead More →

Today marks the very first day of my maintenance phase 1 on my #PoloWeightLoss journey.  I can’t believe I have already completed all my HCG and now it is all on me folks.  I managed to loose a total of 23 freaking pounds people (from 206 – 183)!! I amRead More →