In case you haven’t heard, or are somehow unaware, that Frozen has taken over the parenting world.  If you  haven’t I am unsure if I should envy or pity you.  Being the Disney geek that I am I am going to have to say that I strongly pity you andRead More →

Whoot whoot nothing like celebrating another bloggers bday than an awesomely huge giveaway right?! Honestly the best way to do it lol. I know you guys love a great contest, this week is full of em it seems!  Lucky you guys!! Let’s get to the fun stuff. How would youRead More →

Have you ever had those moments where you stop and think about whether or not you enjoy what you do??  You know one of those Oprah provoked moments where you question everything and over analyze everything in the deepest respects.  I have come to the conclusion, after lots of deepRead More →