The Big Short

With the Oscars over and done with finally and my big move finally behind me I can officially start playing catch up with all our great movie winners from this year. I am a busy mom I can’t possibly manage to sneak in all those movies so when it comesRead More →

Now that school is in session I, like lots have parents out there, am faced with a “lunch box dilemma” to say the least.  When I say this I mean I find myself packing the same thing day in and day out because that is all that my son willRead More →

I was recently gifted a lovely basket from Jergens filled with all kinds of goodies.  I have taken a little longer than I had hoped to get around sharing this with you BUT I have had some really exciting life changes happen that have been keeping my busy busy busy.Read More →

a Rafflecopter giveaway As you can see I have a REALLY FAST flash giveaway for all of you right now!!  I have been offered to give TWO prize packs to ONE lucky winner (for them and their kid, friend, bosom buddy etc…) in time for the Heritage game SUNDAY!! ARead More →

I have been offered something pretty awesome for a giveaway today and for all of you amazing mothers who made it out of the holidays alive AND without killing your family!!! BRAVO, congratulations, you are officially a saint and should be completely revered! Now in light of the that andRead More →