Fan Expo Vancouver

This year, like every year before, was a gold mine for finding some really cool things. Between all the incredible crafters, collectors and jaw dropping artists it is impossible to walk out of Fan Expo without some kind of treasure. This year my youngest son was especially excited as heRead More →

As all of you know I had a geektacular time at Fan Expo Vancouver this year: taking in all the sights and buying up all the things!!  This year was super busy with, what felt like, double the people there was last year.  Which means there was going to be doubleRead More →

This up coming weekend isn’t just excited because of the fact that the Easter bunny is paying a visit.  Oh no.  For the people here in Vancouver have something else to celebrate, something spectacularly geeky and awesome: Fan Expo Vancouver!  Each and every year I go to this and IRead More →