My eldest little monster content with Play-Doh while mommy slowly melts away into a pool of mucus…… This is a testament to my determination to stay alive!!  I have been sicker than a dog for the last two days, both of which hubby managed to find work and has leftRead More →

So October is finally here and upon us… the busiest month for my family, with the exception of Christmas of course.  Let us look at all the things that need to be done this month for my family.  We have an average of about 2-3 thanksgivings, we are planning onRead More →

I am officially finished being the size that I am.  I managed to go out the other night with some girlfriends for my very first EVER “club” experience.  [Now some background info; I agreed to this as my very best sister girlfriend just got dumped hardcore by her, now, ex-fiance. Read More →

Only uneducated, stupid or sick people feel the need to use bottom feeding language, swear and criticize others to manipulate people, especially those trying to help them.  Pathetic nobody’s grasping for self-importance.  Losers struggling to save face in their ignorant little universe of failures.  They lack the intelligence to express themselves adequately and are too dumb orRead More →

Now to introduce myself… the long way… (dates are estimates and this is paraphrased) Now my goal here isn’t to give you my life story, its just to give you the best idea of who I was and who I am now.  Let me be the one to say IRead More →

Remember how easy it was to make friends back in high school??  Rember how many friends that you had back then??  I am not saying that I am not friends with these people anymore but we are just all over the map.  And by all over the map I honestlyRead More →