As most mothers trying to juggle two kids in one room, you hit those days/weeks/months where it is seemingly impossible to get them to sleep.  Then if they do fall asleep inevitably they wake up only hours later… I have been having this problem.  For I think the better partRead More →

This is a picture of my little man and I waiting for the movie The Lorax to begin.  As some of you may know from my tweets I was invited by the wonderful company “Seventh Generation,” to join them on “the Green carpet.”  We were so excited to be apartRead More →

I have noticed that I never write down the hilarious things that my children say or the what the children I care for say.  I always want to share them with you to show you just how much my sense of humor has clearly rubbed off on them.  You knowRead More →

This week I have not been blogging and it has been solely in preparation for rent, the new daycare calendar, newsletter and even photo editing the months photos.  I have been up to my eyeballs in work and I have been really pooped too just trying to rest.  I haveRead More →

 So the other day I let Eldest pick out his own clothes to buy online.  Needless to say he picked a Lightning McQueen shirt… and this shirt, since recieving it yesterday hasn’t left his body.  He refuses to take it off!! This is the only picture that I really haveRead More →

I have been meaning to show this to all of you for a while but haven’t found the time to do so until this moment.  Eldest is at the dr.s with his grandfather, Tinkerbell and youngest are awake, Tinkerbell colouring behind me and Alex resting since he seems to beRead More →