I have decided to go ahead and, once again, join another great sounding hop, in the hopes that I can wrangle in some more votes perhaps ( you know if you are feeling generous or amazing.)  As well as make some new friends in bigger pools so to speak.  RatherRead More →

This last weekend we took our brats to the PNE.  Needless to say that they both just LOVED it, and even mommy and daddy had some good times even though we couldn’t do ANY adult things there with the kids.  We spent a total of TEN HOURS there… that isRead More →

Don’t forget to sign up for my online Twitter Class!!  Class starts August 1st, 2011 @ 6pm [PST]  Also don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!! LOW ENTRIES! [Ends TOMORROW night] I know, I know i’ve been slightly absent from the blogging world, but in all fairness to me it isRead More →

When I was little I remember going to this… foggy memories, but still some memories lol.  The smell of the smoke off the BBQ chicken from the Legion, or the amazing Italian sausage from Rockies.  We have such a large and diverse community it is amazing how every year thisRead More →

The oddest thing happened to me this morning.  I was drinking some juice, yes out of the carton you can chastise me later for that, when I realized I have dreamt of this place.  My kitchen, exactly how my fridge looks.  ALL identical to a dream I have had priorRead More →