So last night was the big event and it was honestly incredible.  There were awesome speakers, makeup stations, hair stations, nail stations, eyebrow stations, professional photo stations the list goes on and again it was freaking awesome!!  Then to top everything off they sent all us top bloggers home withRead More →

So the voting has opened for the top Vancouver Mom blogger and I want it BAD!  So in order to do that I really need your help!  I need you to VOTE and share and get your family and all your friends to VOTE!  Why should you?? Because… I saidRead More →

If you read my post from yesterday you would know that I was heading out to the LMFAO concert last night.  It was GREAT despite my initial complaints… still mad at skyblu for not making face though.  It was a good show all in all and I have to admitRead More →

I am not going to lie here… I am not the happiest of campers.  No it is not because of my children, and no it is not because I haven’t had enough caffeine, my problem are people not sticking to their commitments.  Mainly famous people.   Now I understand inRead More →

I know most of you are familiar with Top Chef, America, correct??  Well recently Canada has gotten its own version of this show and I have to admit… not really a Top Chef person… until now that is.  One of my best friends from high school, and I am talkingRead More →

I have decided to go ahead and, once again, join another great sounding hop, in the hopes that I can wrangle in some more votes perhaps ( you know if you are feeling generous or amazing.)  As well as make some new friends in bigger pools so to speak.  RatherRead More →