so i was unsure exactly what to write today, as I am still not 100% etc..  So i decided to try out one of these Wednesday theme thingies as I have never done one before and I thought it would be fun and interesting way for you to get aRead More →

My eldest little monster content with Play-Doh while mommy slowly melts away into a pool of mucus…… This is a testament to my determination to stay alive!!  I have been sicker than a dog for the last two days, both of which hubby managed to find work and has leftRead More →

This blog is in response to my previous blog about my soon to be three year old’s birthday party!  Since then I have figured out the theme to the party and it will be pumpkins!  So since my little man has a big attachment to a certain blue blanket IRead More →

 I have done it!! I have managed to come up with the perfect roasted potato recipe that works out EVERY TIME i do it!  Usually i have issues with them not crisping up enough, sticking to my casserole dish the whole nine yards.  But i think I have done itRead More →

So October is finally here and upon us… the busiest month for my family, with the exception of Christmas of course.  Let us look at all the things that need to be done this month for my family.  We have an average of about 2-3 thanksgivings, we are planning onRead More →