I know I have been meaning to do this for you all and it has taken me a while to finally make it; please excuse the fact that I don’t have a recipe I am just going via memory etc..  I wing everything i cook but that’s the fun ofRead More →

I love, love, love this woman.  I have a harsh blog romance with her and I can’t get enough, in fact i get kinda sad when there are no posts.  I get so happy, upset and angry WITH her i can’t help it i’m addicted.  And to much to myRead More →

My hubby and I met in a bakery as some of you know.  So we all know how amazing he is at baking, he had no idea he had the talent, it was so natural.  Anyways, my hubby tonight OUT OF THE BLUE decided to make chocolate chip cookies.  IRead More →

Today someone close to me became a victim, a poor sweet teenage girl lost some innocence… that’s not right.  As a young girl i suffered from a date rape experience and I don’t wish it upon anyone let alone someone i consider a younger sister and member of my family. Read More →

Not that any of my readers really care, cause most of you aren’t living in my province or country lol.  But this impacts me so I figure why the hell not!  My blog, i do what i want lol. So yesterday we get shocking news that our premier Gordon CampbellRead More →

Is it bad for me to want to snuggle every member of my family at ALL times. Honestly i could hold my little munchkins constantly if they would only let me! Perhaps I am smothering… but is that so bad?? Sometimes i find myself thinking maybe I am unnaturally needyRead More →