Is it bad for me to want to snuggle every member of my family at ALL times. Honestly i could hold my little munchkins constantly if they would only let me! Perhaps I am smothering… but is that so bad?? Sometimes i find myself thinking maybe I am unnaturally needyRead More →

 So today was the big day.  Everyone decided to come at the set time for the party to end.  I was pretty pissed; still upset about the basic disregard for our schedule etc.. etc… I am just happy that eldest is too young to understand what exactly happened; especially whenRead More →

 I am not even sure what to say today.  I canceled my party after ppl started to pull out like mad last minute.  I hate that.. its like inviting your whole class to a party and one kid shows up and hes 20 minutes late.  I dunno my hubby hadRead More →

 So in preparation for my massive hangover the morning of my sons party i have already begun preparations for the party AS YOU KNOW from my past posts.  Anyway, I have to update you on the continuation of this party planning WITH cute cookie making pictures and pumpkin carving! AsRead More →