MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I wanted to do something special for the holidays so Erin thought it would be cute to do a blog hop… and she volunteered me to host it, let’s be honest here she barely has time to breath!  So I sat here brainstorming for a couple of daysRead More →

So a thousand of you are already showing off your great holiday craft ideas so I wanted to leap onto the bandwagon before y’all drove off without me!  As you know my hubby and I made that “windy guy” costume this year, for his Halloween costume.  Well after making thatRead More →

 So in preparation for my massive hangover the morning of my sons party i have already begun preparations for the party AS YOU KNOW from my past posts.  Anyway, I have to update you on the continuation of this party planning WITH cute cookie making pictures and pumpkin carving! AsRead More →