For those of you who haven’t been shown the amazing-ness of the Hunger Games you must get into it IMMEDIATELY!  It is incredible and I am completely obsessed with it, full fold.  I can’t get enough and I am soo happy to be less than a month away from theRead More →

So last night I spent my time watching the last Harry Potter.  I am sad.  I cried like a baby I can’t believe the amount of characters I loved died.  The worst part is I am emotionally attatched to all these characters, I remember when the first book was theRead More →

This last weekend we took our brats to the PNE.  Needless to say that they both just LOVED it, and even mommy and daddy had some good times even though we couldn’t do ANY adult things there with the kids.  We spent a total of TEN HOURS there… that isRead More →