I have been thinking about Christmas here, about what it is that I will be making this year and I have decided to go nuts.  I will be making soo much, I hope anyways, I am hoping to get a couple people to pool in on the baking supplies soRead More →

So yesterday was my Eldest sons birthday party and he had a GREAT time!  In fact I think I can say we all had a great time and the amount of Cars products my son got was insane.  He even got a Cars loofa… yah that is right a loofa!Read More →

The other day while I was seriously trying to catch up on any form of blogging, I was sitting there killing my eyes reading blog post after blog post; when suddenly my tummy started rumbling.  My mouth was watering uncontrollably and I couldn’t wait to share this with you.  FromRead More →

So the other night I was telling you all about how the teen and I decided to make a VERY special dinner on a wim… the theme to this dinner was not even pre-determined; just kinda happened that way.  Our theme??  Stuffed??!! We made stuffed mushrooms, double baked potatoes andRead More →

I have never made a pie.  I have always wanted to learn how to do it, or in this case teach myself.  What brought along this obsession that I never followed thru with?  This movie, this amazing movie I first saw when I was pregnant with eldest. I found thisRead More →

Since health is one of my main goals, so I wanted to look into “superfoods” to see what sorts of things I should be eating MORE of.  To help ME (so please don’t take my advice over the advice of your doctors yadda yadda…) with some of the things IRead More →

Ironically that recipe was it… I found it right away and barely tried.  THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!! Best part, they didn’t need cream of tartar, no idea what that is but i’m not willing to buy it just for one cookie recipe ANYHOO!!!  If you are interested in the recipe pleaseRead More →

My mom used to make these cookies for me.  I would come to see her on weekends and there they would be bagged up for me to take home after i would visit her.  For those of you that don’t know my father had custody of me after i turnedRead More →

I know I have been meaning to do this for you all and it has taken me a while to finally make it; please excuse the fact that I don’t have a recipe I am just going via memory etc..  I wing everything i cook but that’s the fun ofRead More →