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Learning how to defend your personal safety is always a smart thing to do and there are several ways to achieve that aim, including learning how to handle a weapon and getting to grips with the art of self-defense.

In terms of learning how to handle a gun, you can finish this LTC course in one sitting, which is definitely quicker than learning some martial arts moves, but both options have their place as self-defense options.

Here is a look at what you should know about either option.

The case for concealed carry

Although you hope you may never encounter a situation where you have to put your weapon into use (here in Canada a situation like this would never happen cause we don’t allow this for obvious reasons) it is better to be prepared for that eventuality, especially as your choice of self-defense could have a significant bearing on the outcome.

One of the primary reasons why you might choose to carry a concealed weapon is the fact that it provides you with peace of mind that you can defend yourself if needed, plus, the fact that you have a license to carry a gun means that you have what some believe to be the ultimate deterrent.

Produce a gun and it is possible that you may prevent a situation from escalating into a deadly confrontation.

Although you have the perfect right to defend yourself in this way, and you abide by the law when you carry the gun, there are a couple of negative scenarios you also have to take into consideration.

There is always the chance that a confrontation using a gun could produce a fatal outcome, so you must be prepared to take a life in order to defend your own. There is also the chance that the person you are confronted with may respond violently to the production of a gun when defending yourself.

Learning a martial art to defend yourself

A viable alternative would be to gain some martial art skills so that you know how to defend yourself without the need to carry a concealed weapon.

Self Defense

Some argue that if you are able to become proficient in martial art techniques you will have the ability to inflict an effective defensive strike on your opponent that will thwart the attack in an instant without the need for a gun to defend yourself.

Learning a martial art will give you a certain degree of confidence, both physical and mental, that you can get yourself out of a tight situation with the help of your training.

If you have those martial arts skills in your armory you are ready to defend yourself at any time, whereas you might not always have your weapon to fall back on.

However, it is clear that martial arts training is unlikely to give you the same capacity to defend yourself in a deadly encounter, especially if the assailant has a gun.

You don’t always need lethal force to deal with a situation and that is where martial arts training has an advantage, but it is clear that there will also be situations where a concealed weapon would be a better option.

Only you can decide which option, or a combination of the two, would suit your profile and outlook.

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