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Finding gifts for the humans on your list is hard enough, when you start thinking about your furbabies and what they might want its a whole new world of problems. There is so much to think about and each and every pet is different. So I wanted to find a couple of items perfect for anyone on your list with a pet this holiday season, or for any little furbaby in your own household. Thankfully Global Pet Foods Burnaby is the perfect stop for all your holiday needs and you can even shop with them online to save yourself leaving the house during these crazy times.

Global Pet Foods Burnaby prides itself on its amazing customer service, staff knowledge and dedication to finding you safe and amazing products for your pets. Everything on their shelves they would happily give to their own pets to help promote a long and happily lifestyle. Being a local franchise also helps me feel good about supporting a great local business in my area that I have grown to love and hold very dear.

One amazing item I found there that is PERFECT for any cat owner, and I mean it. All cats love laser pointers, legit I have never met a cat that doesn’t love to chase that tiny beam of light for endless hours. Of course most of the time us humans are the ones in control of that laser pointer, not ideal for all of us who are tired after our long days, and not ideal for our cats who know we aren’t at home all day everyday to wield the laser toy. Granted I am sure they really don’t understand why we aren’t spending all day everyday darting it around the house for them, in hindsight I bet they are very upset about this.

Which is why my little Mer fell deeply in love with her new toy: the Frolicat. This little laser robot is perfect for hands free play with your cats. They will be so over the moon you will now be nagged to turn the little thing on. Thankfully it has a great little energy saver option that will make sure it turns off after 15 minutes helping save battery life.

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Your cat will LOVE the Frolicat and the best part is you don’t have to sit there as your cats jester moving a laser pointer around ever again. Now you can easily push a button and continue with what you were doing or finally have an extra hand to take those cute laser chasing photos!

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Now for those of your struggling with cute gift ideas for you and your dogs, may I suggest a cute and practical idea? A matching mask and bandana set by Twill & Co. that are now being sold in store at Global Pet Foods Burnaby. Oh yes now you and your pooch can strut the neighborhood in style and safety. Twill & Co. make lovely items and these masks and bandanas come in so many amazing colors and patterns. I know she miiiiight see BUT I couldn’t help myself and HAD to get my sister-in-law a matching set for the holidays that I know she will be head over heels for.

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So if you are looking for a couple ideas that can be universally enjoyed amongst dog and cat owners then these are two of your best bets. Of course if you are in need of more ideas they have so much more in store and their staff are always eager to help with questions you have or help with suggestions if you are stuck! Definitely take the time to go for a visit, say hi to Tootsie the tortoise for me and tell them Mumfection sent you!


  1. Oh perfect timing I was just thinking about what we should get our pets! Love that matching mask and bandana!!

  2. Matching mask and bandana! Adorable! Who wouldn’t want to match with their fur babies?

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