Yum Yum Island

We are a family who loves games and the more game option my boys have the better it these days, especially when that game encourages team work. So when Yum Yum Island came across our doorstep we were super excited to check it out. This game is great for the whole family and any kids 6+ making it nice and approachable once you figure it all out. It might take a little bit but take it slow and you will figure it out perfectly.

You see you find yourself joining the pelican crew in the task to save the island animals from an unwanted visitor who keeps eating up all their food. Your goal is to feed and save the animals on Yum Yum Island before Ferdinand the giant gets full! Of course in order to get the food in the animals mouths it must be dropped from above WHILE you are blind folded. Don’t worry though cause other players are there to help when the game allows it to help you get the right food to the right animals to save them.

It is lots of fun and a nice adaptable game where you can choose the length of play based on the number of animals you want to include. For example once you save an animal from the island you can place another animal down OR choose not to in order to have a faster game. Great if you have kids with shorter attention spans who are better at doing things in shorter bursts of fun. Bigger kids love the ability to keep the fun going and make it more challenging as much as they like.

Yum Yum Island

This is a great game for the whole family and anyone over the age of 6+, can be played with up to 5 players which is amazing, easy to figure out and well made with very thick cardboard pieces and wood food pellets. We had a great time working together to save the animals of Yum Yum Island and we highly suggest this as a gift idea for any family looking to spend some time together WORKING TOGETHER to win a game.

It was such a nice change of pace to be working together on the same team vs. against one another and it really is nice to play a game with competition against people in your family. Team work makes the dream work in this house and in this game. Definitely a game to add to your Christmas wish list this year and its only $34.99 CA!

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