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Science World has been a huge part of my life, ever since I was a little girl I have been going and watching it change and grow. It has changed and grown so much over the years with the amazing help of all its patrons and generous community business members. It has spent years sparking a love for science in kids that cannot be replaced, which is why it is so important to support Science World now. With COVID there have been so many changes, hour losses and so much more for not just many of you but also for Science World.

So I want to encourage all of you to make a point of planning a family day down at the big “crystal ball”, or “dome” as many of our little’s call it, to show your support. Not only is it a super fun way to spend the day with the kids it is a great way to back up any learning you might be doing at home. With reduced hours, occupancy and new heightened safety protocols to keep staff and families safe, you know you can have some time with peace of mind.


So you can plan a visit knowing that everyone on site and visiting is doing everything they can to learn safely outside the house with some amazing experts! Science World is brimming with incredible learning opportunities that can help you reinforce lessons you are learning at home about a wide range of topics. They even started up a bunch of amazing virtual resources for educators (which includes all you new homeschooling moms and dads) that perfect for all grade levels. But they also have an endless list of activities and lesson plan add ins that are priceless and amazing for helping you lead your family field trip to Science World!

Looking For Other Ways To Support Science World??

Well guess what? Since Science World is in need of our support and knows not everyone can come in to visit right now they have started the most incredible line of nerdy gear just in time for the holidays. You can support an irreplaceable learning resource in our city (not to mention all the super amazing fun adult nights that we loved and want to see happen again), and make one of your nerdy friends of family members happy as can be! It is a win win and a great little add-on if you plan to gift a membership this Christmas.

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If nothing else you will definitely want a couple of these for the family the adorable “Nerd in Training” kids shirts are amazing and my kid wont wear anything else when we are doing science class at home. He wears his “Stay Nerdy” pin with pride wherever we go and if it isn’t on his jacket or shirt, it is on his backpack. I for one love my new “The World Needs More Nerds” t-shirt and pin that I have added to my bag that I can say is covered in other amazing nerdiness. But again don’t forget they have lots of other amazing shirts, face masks, pins and socks that you will definitely want to see. All proceeds of these amazing items will go to helping keep the doors open to learners of all ages engaged in science all over B.C.

After all there is Science is in EVERYTHING.

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They have a great shirt, pin or pair of socks perfect for everyone on your list; support local and make the place nerdier support science one pin or shirt or sock at a time. Now, more than ever, the world need problem solvers, wonder seekers, world changers, nerds. Help fundraise today by buying a t-shirt or donate at



  1. What a brilliant gift idea. My kids always loved spending the day at Science World.

  2. Great idea for Christmas Science World is such a fun place to visit with your family!

  3. Ah I love those t-shirts and the pins! What a great way to support Science World.

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