Front-line Workers

The need for nurses is expected to rise by 12 percent in the next few years. Further, the need may reach 3.6 million by 2030. The shortage is amazing because nursing is an honorable profession that pays well. Here’s a look at 20 ways nurses make the world a better place.

Helping Sick Children

It takes a special person to become a pediatric nurse. These professionals deal with patients from birth through adolescence. Have you ever thought, “are there RN Programs Near Me?” If so, you may be interested in nursing as a future career.

Thinking on Your Feet

Emergency room nurses must be prepared to deal with anything. Keeping up with sick patients and the fast pace of the E.R. is a must. Moreover, nurses juggle multiple patients who are in distress. Likewise, nurses who work with the helicopter unit are ready to leave out anytime there’s an emergency. The helicopter team picks up victims who are seriously injured.

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Nurses Volunteer

Special people volunteer for the Peace Corps and nurses often do. They bring nursing skills to people in need around the globe. Some areas don’t have medical facilities nearby and assistance is appreciated. Volunteers go into the community and teach about nutrition, basic hygiene, and water cleanliness. Health volunteers also educate the community about HIV/AIDS prevention and other diseases.

Helping the Elderly

A home-health nurse makes all the difference to the elderly. The nurse assists them with medical issues and they become a friend. Indeed, some nurse practitioners specialize in gerontology to help the elderly. Hospice nurses often say they are called to care for the dying. It takes a special skill set to handle this job. Nurses also play a vital role in administering to patients in memory loss facilities.

Keeping Up With Progress

Telehealth nursing offers care to those in remote areas. Telehealth nursing can be done anywhere. For example, a nurse can tell a patient how to dress a wound over the phone. Pre-surgical care is often done this way.

Teaching Others

One of the best things a skilled nurse can do is teach others. Nurses are in demand and so are those who teach them. Likewise, skilled nurses help to recruit the best nurses. Nurse administrators play a needed role in setting employment standards at the hospital.

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Expanded Horizons

Nurses play major roles in other fields. For instance, attorneys often use nurses as expert witnesses in medical malpractice cases. Moreover, nurses lobby Congress to implement policies that improve healthcare. In addition, nurses are executives that oversee different areas of the hospital.

Have No Fear

It takes bravery to practice nursing in a prison. However, many nurses offer prisoners excellent service. Nurses often go behind enemy lines to treat wounded soldiers. They are serving the country in the armed services. Further, nurses are on the ground when natural disasters occur. Nurses are always on the frontlines when needed.

Nurses perform key roles by obtaining advanced degrees. For example, many urgent care offices are staffed by nurse practitioners. Further, nurse anesthetists are the norm at surgical centers. Additionally, nurses take difficult tests to become specialists in a particular area like wound care.

Nurses are valuable professionals with superpowers. It takes a special person to deal with sickness every day. Hospitals couldn’t operate without these special people.

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