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It has been hard for so many of our families during this time of COVID. We have been shut in, learning from home and doing our best to entertain ourselves while staying safe and keeping our kids education a priority; but it is all super stressful right now. Organizing plans, activities and everything else in between has quickly become overwhelming for a lot of parents. Screen time and TV for way too long is the new norm, but you know what? There are amazing people out there creating incredible things that can help us get those kids away from screens and back into hands on learning in a fun way. One of those amazing services is the Kidspire Crate subscription boxes.

Now I know there are a lot of different subscription boxes our there but the Kidspire Crates really do set themselves apart with their focus on not just teaching but INSPIRING kids from all walks of life. With diversity, education and empowerment as their core themes you can feel good about what your kids are learning and creating.

If homeschooling is your next plan then these would be an ideal supplement to your at home classroom activities. Creating and environment where learning can be child lead and hands on to spark that passion for learning.

The creators: Jenn and Shannen who are both amazing moms, have collectively spent hours painstakingly researching themes, activities and books to surprise and delight you and your little ones each and every month you subscribe. If you want to get your hands on one of these amazing monthly boxes then make sure to do so fast as every month has a limited number available. This ensures the highest quality and love to be packed into each box for you and your kids enjoy.

But what did we think about the Kidspire crate we received?

We LOVED it!

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The space theme sent my youngest into a spiral of excitement since we are huuuuuge space nerds. There is nothing we love more than pulling out our telescope to do some star gazing. So when we opened this beauty up we were so excited to to see all the amazing goodies inside which even included a personalized starry sky image of the sky when my youngest was born! It was so special and being able to learn so much about the amazing Mae Jemison in such a fun way was something incredibly special.

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Mae Jemison truly is an inspirational human being and to have this amazing newsletter included to help parents lead an amazing discussion too was something truly out of this world. Highlighting Mae as one of their SHEros was truly an incredible thing. Mae is also a HUGE advocate for climate change and is leading the research for interstellar flight which blows my mind.

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Kidspire crates don’t just have fun educational prompts and personalized pieces of art, they also include super fun activities you can do with your kids. They are so well explained that your older kids would have no trouble following the instructions solo with minimal parental interference really giving them a chance at independent learning and exploration. My youngest of course loved the Galaxy in a jar activity most and I love the quilling activity the most so these boxes really do have a little something everyone will love doing.

If you are looking for a great new subscription boxes that promote gender and racial diversity, inspires your little ones to learn and gets them away from those screens for a few hours you NEED Kidspire Crate subscriptions in your life.


  1. What an awesome little kids crate! I love these things. My girls have been getting this kind of mail for a few years now and it’s their FAVORITE!

  2. Super cool. Especially perfect for all this distance learning time that we’re going through right now too.

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