Camping During COVID

Camping as a family presents all kinds of challenges but this year we would be camping during COVID. Camping this year was going to be a whole new world for ours and many other families trying to get some time in the woods. We were pleasantly surprised how well everything worked between staff and campers, we were also surprised to be out in the woods where not one mask was seen.

When we found out we could actually book a campground for camping we were so happy. We were happy to get a chance to unplug, we were happy at the thought of some peaceful time in the woods. Something that’s a little harder to do as a family that doesn’t drive ourselves. Which is why we always stick to provincial campgrounds, ones with staff in case we need help, ones with little stores to get us by IF anything goes wrong with our food supply or coolers. So when the day came to finally book this mama bear got up at 7am to fight for a spot for a FULL 5 HOURS until I actually landed one.

I wasn’t the only one trying to do the same thing that morning clearly…

Prep Work – Packing

When it came to camping needs and trying to think of what we needed for camping during COVID the only real things we added were hand sanitizer, wet wipes, lysol wipes and face masks. Outside of that we were able to pack up our things like we normally would. We packed more than we needed to avoid store visits as much as possible, but of course we always forget something so we did end up needing to sneak inside once or twice.

What to Expect – Getting to and at the Campground

Upon arrival, on a Monday afternoon, we showed up to a FULL campground. The signage out front was clear, all the sites were taken – meaning if you didn’t book in advance  you weren’t going to be able to stay the night. So if you do plan to go, make sure you plan far in advance a site to avoid disappointment. When checking in make sure you are being respectful and have your face mask on when talking to staff, all the staff are wearing masks to protect us I feel it our duty to do our best to do the same thing. Sadly something that wasn’t a common practice while we were there. 

Thankfully there is plenty of room between every single site that while you are in your site you can be mask free, but again people just did their best to keep their distance and left the masks behind. The only common areas are bathrooms and there is plenty of signage everywhere about keeping your distance, hand washing and sanitizer signs at all available water spots. Was hand sanitizer dispensers added to places on the grounds? NO, so do make sure to bring your own!

Overall – How Did We Feel

When we arrived and saw so many people walking around without masks we were a little apprehensive but once we settled it was fine. Everyone is really respectful about giving LOTS of space and that was really refreshing. Some groups of kids from time to time were a little close but short lived usually while passing each other on bikes. We also saw almost everyone walking around with their sanitizer in hand for bathroom and water refill trips. It was nice to see so many people doing everything they could to keep themselves and others safe. In fact I wasn’t the only mom out there doing her best to clean and spray down handles and knobs etc… between campground staff. There was a real sense of safety and everyone could really relax. It was almost like it wasn’t even going on and we truly did find a sense of calm between the cleans.

So if you are looking to get away even just a little bit, I hope you get a chance to go camping. I hope you get a chance to reconnect with the world in all its peaceful glory and I hope you get the chance this Summer to mentally disconnect from the chaos in the world for at least one day. We all deserve a break and we all deserve to feel safe at the same time and for us camping was the perfect solution. Camping during COVID wasn’t scary after all and that was amazing.

Even though I had to do dishes, by hand, in the woods EVERYDAY.

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