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After spending many weeks or months preparing for a vacation, it can be devastating to miss your flight. Despite taking the steps to arrive on schedule, you could end up running late, which can cause unwanted stress and strain. To ensure you don’t lose out on a dream getaway with your loved ones, make sure you read the below five tips to avoid missing your flight.


Arrive Early


Rule number one is to arrive at an airport early. Setting off an hour earlier than necessary could help you overcome any potential delays, such as traffic jams or getting lost in a terminal. If you do arrive ahead of schedule, you’ll have time to review your travel documents, use the bathroom, and grab a coffee.


Choose the Right Airport Parking


Selecting the right airport parking provider could lead to a smoother travel experience. To avoid running late for check-in and your flight, you should find competitively priced airport parking close to an airport and reserve a guaranteed spot. It will allow you to avoid heavy traffic, which is common at the likes of Newark Liberty International Airport, so you can quickly park your car and jump on transportation to your terminal. If this sounds ideal, visit Parkon.com to reserve a spot in advance.

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Avoid Checking Your Bags


If you’re heading off on a short break away, you should avoid checking your bags at an airport to avoid missing a flight. By fitting all your items into a carry-on, you could quickly check-in for a flight and avoid lines of travelers who are waiting to check their suitcases. However, you must review an airport’s guidelines to adhere to their carry-on bag requirements.


Add Time onto Your MCT


Airlines often determine the Minimum Connecting Time (MCT), which is the timescale they believe will provide a traveller with plenty of time to step off an arriving flight and join a departing flight.

As 40% of passengers reportedly arrive late, it is a wise move to add another 30 to 60 minutes onto an MCT when booking tickets, so you will not miss a connection. If you’re travelling with kids, add a little more time to ensure you can meet their needs and arrive at a gate with time to spare.


Strategically Pack Your Carry-on


Strategically pack your carry-on to ensure you aren’t running late at airport security. For instance, you should add your laptops, e-readers, tablets, and toiletries to the top of your bag, so you can quickly pull them out for scanning.

You also should avoid wearing belts, earrings, and other forms of jewellery, which could trip up a security scanner and might cause you to miss your flight. If you are running late for a flight and are stuck in a line at security, politely explain your situation to other travellers who might allow you to go ahead of them.

Follow the above tips to ensure you never miss a flight when jetting off on vacation and to enjoy a smoother airport experience.

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