Gnarly Dog Treats

Hey all you cool cats and kittens – oh yes I went there… if you are looking for an amazing way to spoil your dogs and cats I have an amazing local treat line you will definitely want to check out. My little Merciless is a huge fan of everything this amazing woman makes and I know your pets will be too.

Each treat is lovingly dehydrated from awesome local meat sources by the owner and chef herself. These single ingredient dehydrated treats are perfect for spoiling your pet without any guilt. They will think it is an incredible treat, but it is super good for them and can only add to their diets.

All the treats are made in small batches to ensure quality and because this is a super small amazing little business growing in incredible ways. You can find so many different amazing flavors, so you are sure to find ones that your pet will go crazy for.

Gnarly dog Treats

Our favorite Gnarly Dog Treats?

Hearts Delight
These sliced and dehydrated chicken hearts are great for both cats and dogs so don’t be afraid to snag a bag for your feline friends too!

Gone Fishin’
Each funny faced little anchovy in this bag is just waiting to be played with and munched on by both your dogs and your cats so if you need a treat for both members of the house and fish is a big YES in your house then this bag is for you!

Catnip Charmers
Mixed with a little catnip these treats will have your cats sceaming for more, we have even heard of cats trying to break into the bags to get at these babies!

So if you are looking for a great new, and local, line of treats to spoil those pets of yours then Gnarly Dog is exactly what you have been looking for. You can find these treats right now at Global Pet Foods Burnaby or online!

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