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Summer time is coming with lots of challenges for many of us and that includes many amazing companies. Lots have faced delays, closures and even layoffs and I think it is super important to think of local ways to entertain ourselves this Summer. Which is exactly why I have been thinking more and more about Springfree Trampoline Canada as they have opened up their email subscription list to notify customers when they are ready to start full-filling orders again! Very exciting news indeed for lots of families across Canada.

Granted they have been facing delays like many during this whole ordeal, but things are looking up which means they are happy to make your future plans a reality!

Springfree Trampoline’s are perfect for the whole family with their wide variety of sizes and soon even amazing customizable options (of course that will be once stock is fully back to normal). They are the safest trampoline on the market and come with some mind blowing extras that will keep you and your kids entertained and active during a soon to be unconventional Summer break with the family.

Why else should Springfree Trampoline’s be your first choice?

No Springs – that’s right, instead of springs they have flexible rods so gone are the days of the classic 80s ankle injuries of yester-year. This beauty will keep your kids safe and having and bouncing good time.

FlexiNet Enclosure – with an enclosure net all around your kids trampoline you can rest easy knowing they wont be bouncing out and onto your yard at any point while playing. This net will gently bring your crazy jumper back to the bounce zone and off your yard!

Hidden Frame – there are no longer any frames around the edging of your trampoline, Springfree has hidden all that underneath so you have no fear of your kids falling on it in anyway. The entire bounce area is completely void of any hard surfaces to startle the joints.

Soft Edge Mat – Springfree’s have a soft edge mat which means you can jump right up to the edges without risk of any injury, again making them the safest option on the market for you and your family.

So if you are in the market for great option for some at home fun for your kids make sure you get on the list to be notified when things are ready to go for purchasing.

In the mean time, stay safe and support local!

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