You’re hair is a mess, you don’t remember whether or not you have showered, you find out if you brushed your teeth by touching your toothbrush to see if it is wet… you’re not feeling like much of a supermom are you??

Well you should.

No, no don’t leave thinking that I have gone off my rocker.  Listen to me.

When was the last time you got a full sick day??  I am not talking you got to stay home from work or had the luxury of cancelling ONE appointment in your day.  I am talking your last high school, stay-in-bed-not-lift-a-finger-and-sleep-for-12-hours-straight kind of sick days.

I can see steam coming out your ears, face it you can’t remember…

But you are still standing!!

When was the last time that you went a day without getting hoarse from trying to wrangle your hoard of children?

When was the last time you actually enjoyed going shopping, at all in anyway.  Believe you me I can’t remember, main reason I am an ebay junkie.

But face it… You ARE NOT ALONE!  So why do you feel less super than the rest??

Do you honestly think that even the most perfect of perfect looking mothers is actually like that?? no we all make “face” to survive in this world.

But the point is here you should feel super, more super than the rest cause you are still standing, TRYING!!  That makes you….


You can do the impossible, you can tackle kids, clean toilets, handle vomit and still feed your entire family!! You are incredible!

That mess there in the kids room…BAM!!!! WHOOOSH!!! clean!

See every morning you wake up and throw on your cape, put on your big girl panties and tough it out thick and thin…. puke usually coming in the thick variety.

I know all of you deserve so many vacations filled with cabana boys fanning you and feeding you grapes while sipping a mimosa on a far off beach with NO CHILDREN.

So why not get up and shout to the world why YOU are a supermom, how you manage to survive each day I bet it will get you something!!

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