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Spring break and Summer are just on the horizon and that means us parents are busy getting ready to fill those days with fun and wonder. Of course that is a little hard to do these days with our kids addicted to their devices, you may need to find them a little bit of inspiration and Science World has a new OMNIMAX that will definitely do the trick.

Into Nature’s Wild – their new OMNIMAX  is a visually-stunning, cross-country adventure into the hidden wonders of the natural world. Setting out on this adventure are three trailblazers—pioneering Native American astronaut John Herrington, Alaskan pilot and youth advocate Ariel Tweto and recording-breaking, long-distance hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis—who share a passion for connecting people to experiences in the wild. As our adventurers wind their way through the scenic byways, ancient homelands, secret gems and hidden trails of the natural world, viewers will discover the special connection that we all share with nature.

It is a wonderous look into some beautifully wild places on our very own continent. It really does inspire you to get outdoors and both my boys thoroughly enjoyed it. They both left talking about the part where all the def students got to hear the forest for the first time through these vibrating backpacks etc… It was a truly amazing.

Ariel Tweto is an incredible young woman with such a beautiful spirit, I hope that one day we get a chance to go on an adventure with her. Her personality is so contagious and one of a kind I love her boundlessly adventurous spirit and I am so glad both my boys left the theatre wanting to plan camping trips in the deep wild.

Why of course I will boys, I can’t wait to plan a little wild trip into the woods this summer.

If you want to check out this amazing OMNIMAX feature head over to their website for information on tickets. It is a great show and the perfect choice to compliment your Science World visit!

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