Fan Expo Vancouver

This year Fan Expo Vancouver landed on our Family Day long weekend and they really did make sure to have a bunch of fun things available for all the little fans coming out with their families this year.

This year was the first year of this amazing Family Zone and I hope that it gets brought on every year to make it even more inclusive for all

the amazing nerdy families here in Vancouver. It was a great place to let the kids get hands on with some amazing things, in fact there was so much to do my family and I didn’t even get a chance to check it all out!

It also provided a great safe space for parents to let their kids run around and have some fun while we sat down resting our old bones. I think

my favorite parts of the area was Science World and the Aquarium with all their amazing hands on learning. My boys especially loved the science experiments. Something about playing with electricity got my boys super stoked about getting involved. A big thing for my budding teenager who thinks he is too cool for most things these days.

They also put on great Jedi training sessions, had great sorting hat ceremonies throughout the weekend, non stop quiddich matches and so much more. They really did everything they could to make sure the kids at the expo had a space all their own that they all truly loved. Everyone who was involved did such a great job with all the kids really making it special for each and every one of them.

Everyone was so kind too, everyone waited patiently when asked, there was nothing but kindness from everyone and all the kids, lots of easy sharing it was a parents little piece of heaven in a very big and loud expo. I hope that every year we can expect a fun kids zone just like this!

What did you love about Fan Expo Vancouver’s Family Zone??



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