Fan Expo Vancouver

This year, like every year before, was a gold mine for finding some really cool things. Between all the incredible crafters, collectors and jaw dropping artists it is impossible to walk out of Fan Expo without some kind of treasure. This year my youngest son was especially excited as he was armed with $25 of birthday money that he had permission to spend on anything he wanted.

So while he shopped around we all got to check out some of the amazing things that were up for offer.

This year we weren’t disappointed at all – there was so much to look through and so much to beg my husband to buy me. With our tighter budget we definitely had to say no to more than we wanted too but it was still so much fun to look through it all and collect a few favorites.

Stickers Galore

There are countless places you can collect stickers from: amazing artists, cool cheap kiosks and even other patrons are seen around trading up a storm. It is a great place to bring a sticker fan and to add some beauties to your collection! This year I made it out with some Baby yoda ones, some great Ariel ones and even some Ricky and Morty stickers that I’d rather not share in images.


Another little purchase that I fell victim too, the amazing amount of keychains on site is incredible. That may not be amazing to some but when you find one that really speaks to you it is legit EVERYTHING. Which is why you can see my wonderful Sailormoon keychain addition. Throughout Fan Expo about 6 or so kiosks will have a great collection for you to check out.

Nerdy Bath Bombs

Found at the Fantasy Soap Works booth I managed to find both my boys the coolest bath bomb EVER. A jaws themed bathbomb that turns your water red. Oh yes it is sooo cool and was only $5 so naturally I got 2, one for both my little ones. One of the best things about Fan Expo is finding super cool little companies like this that I can scoop up even AFTER fan expo is over!

LED Face Masks

Lites at Work was another booth I fell victim too not once, but TWICE while at Fan Expo. Each of my sons is now the proud owner of one of these beauties. They are so cool and have voice activation lights on them that make them super fun at night at at parties. My kids are way ahead of the curb in coolness now thanks to these. They are very thankful I didn’t walk away with one of their amazing glowing bras!!

Those are just a few of the little things that I got this year – tell me did you find anything amazing?!?!


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