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Getting together with your family for festive occasions is always, generally speaking, a positive thing.

No doubt a large part of the reason why the main annual holidays of various cultures have endured throughout the ages, is because of the fact that they help to bring people together, give life a deeper sense of richness and meaning, and reconnect us with the things that we find most meaningful.

All the same, it is certainly possible to do things to make those holidays even more special, and it’s also possible to go in the opposite direction and do things that make them more mundane and uninspiring.

Here are just a few suggestions that may help to make family holidays even more special for you and yours.

Focus on arts and crafts, and creativity in general

Traditionally, a big part of many major holiday traditions is centered around a “creative” element, with various sorts of arts and crafts playing a large role, all things being equal.

Assorted-photos and Notebook

As craftsmanship has tended to give way to mass-produced goods, some of the “magic” and “authenticity” that was once represented by those goods and creative pastimes has, accordingly, faded away.

Next time you and your family are celebrating a traditional holiday together, why not go out of your way to get “props” and appropriate ornaments that have a bit more of the human touch? Amish Baskets for your Easter eggs, for example?

For that matter, it can also be a great idea to get the whole family involved in making things from scratch, together, whether that means hand-painting Easter eggs, or baking cookies.

Mark the significance of the day by removing yourself from your normal context

As human beings, we all tend to find and sink into our own “comfort zones” pretty quickly and reliably, and to end up doing the same sort of things day in and day out.

Historically, one of the great things about holidays has been that they are “set apart” from the ordinary, in some sense. If those holidays were just like any other day, there wouldn’t be much to celebrate or appreciate, after all.

To really market and boost the significance of the day in question, try removing yourself and your family from your normal context. In other words, do things that are substantially different from what you would normally do.

That might mean just getting out of the house and enjoying an interesting day trip together.

Night Time Kayaking

Engage in some traditional, old-fashioned celebrations for the day

Traditional, old-fashioned celebrations won’t be for everyone, of course. But, there is often something especially significant and powerful about some of the traditions that we tend to associate with various holidays.

As a general rule of thumb, the longer a particular tradition has been around, the “weightier” it ends up becoming, due to the accumulated cultural sense of meaning.

If you normally have a pretty modern approach to holidays in general, it might be worth your while to engage in some traditional, old-fashioned celebrations for the day, ranging from things like going to carol recitals, to attending a Thanksgiving play.

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