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If you’re a mum who’s been out of work for a while, the process of getting back to it can be a little daunting. You’ve had all the focus on your kids for so long, so another big change will likely be an adjustment. The key is to be kind to yourself and take the process easy. Think about the skills that you’ve brought to motherhood, and work these into your updated resume. Beyond this, start by simply creating yourself a list of your current career goals. To really get the ball rolling, try these six tips.

Start a small project

Got a hobby that’s just perfect for a creative money-making scheme? Now could be the ideal time to make it happen. Perhaps your a bit crafty and you could make items and sell them from home? Whether it’s pottery, illustrations, scarves or jewelry; the world is full of crafty people who started small and grew their projects over time. While you’re out of work and have the time, getting going on these smaller endeavours could eventually lead to bigger money-making schemes. Etsy marketspace is a space where many a budding artist has started selling their homemade items. You could also look at local craft stores within your town.

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Get networking again

If you’ve been out of the game for a while, networking isn’t a bad idea. Take a look at sites like Meetup to see if there are any events related to your industry within your local area. Failing this, take a look on Facebook and see if any organizations set up events further afield. Networking can be a great confidence boost plus you’ll give yourself the chance to meet like-minded individuals who can offer contacts and advice.

Consider further study

A gap in your employment can be the perfect excuse to take a further education course and update your skills. It doesn’t mean you have to put off going back to work, as most courses are available with part-time and flexible study options. Pursuing a course of further study shows employers that you are serious about your career and ready to take things to the next level. Whether you’re a marketer who wants to specialize in content or a nurse practitioner looking to pursue the postgraduate route, ensure that you find the best provider for your needs. Regis College offers some excellent postgraduate nursing programs, with the option to specialize in an area of your choosing. To kick start your journey back into the workforce, enhancing your skills is the way to go.

Seek a careers adviser

When you’re feeling confused about your career options, a careers adviser can be a wise investment. Perhaps it’s that you are looking for a career change and you’re wondering how viable it is? Maybe it’s that you’d like to remain in the same career, but feel your skills might need an update? Whatever your concerns are, your careers adviser will be able to talk you through them and offer much professional advice to help you. You’ll gain a detailed plan of how you can best go about achieving your goals.

Develop a website

Developing a professional website is an excellent idea to help you market yourself. Sites like WordPress offer free website building tools that are simple to use once you get started. Writing yourself a blog can be a nice marketing tactic; just be sure to brush up on your SEO skills. It’s pretty simple to teach yourself some basic SEO using articles and tutorials online. You’ll have plenty to offer an employer, but it’s just about getting noticed in the first place.

Improve professional profiles

While you’re at it, ensure that you create a LinkedIn profile, or update the one that you already have. LinkedIn is so widely used that it’s an easy way to market yourself and network too. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those within your industry and seek to make connections, after all, that’s what it’s there for!

Above all, remain positive and don’t let any setbacks get you down. Keep a journal where you write all of your positive attributes and remind yourself of these things each day. Though it can be a tough market out there, perseverance and positivity will give you the best chance of success. Do a thorough job of updating your resume, and ensure to include details of your website and LinkedIn profile.

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