Meltdown Game

I was recently given a chance by PlayMonster to check out one of their latest creations: the new Meltdown game. When we got it my boys and I were so excited to open it up, I had been talking about the game for a little bit, you see both my boys love to play games. They were so excited for this fun new twist on Jenga – it is a great stacking game that will totally have your family giggling up a storm.

“Atop the tower you’ll place the squishy goop—roll it, smash it, just place it however you want. And then set the balancing platform on top of that! Take turns stacking cool, slippery cubes you have to stack on top…but be careful…between the goop and slippery platform, it’s always shifting! If there’s a MELTDOWN and any cubes fall, you have to take them, and that’s dangerous because the goal is to get RID of your cubes!”

A great feature of this great kids game is that it is totally self containing; making it great when taking it to friends houses or to family visits. BONUS this game requires zero batteries making it perfect for those of us who have more than enough things that run on batteries in their lives. This game is perfect for siblings and anyone 7+ – of course you can have even more than 2 players at a time so to get the whole family involved is really easy!

This game is loads of fun and gives you lots of opportunity to have some fun, remember you can try to distract your opponent so they make the tower of cubes tumble as they try to make it even taller. There are endless opportunities for fun with your little ones and to make those hilarious memories on family game night.

If you are looking for your own you can snag it for under $20 online making it a great and affordable option to add to your family game night collection.

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