Some of you out there may have heard the news. Artizia has started to test out inclusive sizing. So exciting right? WRONG! Now don’t get me wrong I guess it is… OKAY… that they are TRYING but here is the thing… are they?

From what has been said about this brand in the past they are notorious for fat-shaming, even their store staff have the bravery to go up to customers and flat out state: “We don’t have anything in your size here.” upon entry into the store. So when they said they were starting to test a plus sized lined I wasn’t holding my breath, and I was right to do so.

Going up to just size 16 isn’t inclusive….

This so called “inclusive plus sizing” will feature clothing that goes up to size 16 only… the size of average women this day and age is 14-16. So are they being inclusive or are they just noticing how much money their loosing because average sized women get fat-shamed out of their provided sizing and staff members?

Who is to say that their size 16 is an actual size 16… or will it be more like a 12? Thankfully I am not the only plus sized consumer slow clapping at their attempt to be “inclusive”.

Did I mention that the only plus sized options they will have with be in their Babaton line?? One of the more expensive brands that they showcase as pointed out by one of the commentors above. Shopping is frustrating enough being a plus sized woman, I don’t need to be baited and lied too about your “inclusive” sizes.

Will this move be enough for plus sized woman to consider their brand in the future?? I don’t think so.

Tell me what you think of this move by Aritizia in the comments, I want to hear what you think!

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