Household bills and renewals can sneak up on you. When you’re dealing with the chaos of everyday life, you find that, when the renewal date for a bill or contract rolls round again, there’s a thousand other things you need to do that are of a higher priority than the research and endless hassle of switching suppliers. Well, below you’ll find four tips on how you can make your household bills work for you and where you can save money in the long run. From how you manage your bills to hacks for saving without cutting corners, if you want to reduce the cost of your household bills this year, then read on.

Reducing your home phone and broadband bill

This is a bill which just seems to keep skyrocketing. But there are ways to get it lower. Try phoning your broadband provider and simply asking for a lower price. If you have other services you can use, then even mentioning that you’ve been in conversation with them might encourage your provider to lower the price.

It’s also worth thinking about your lifestyle and matching your contract to it, rather than the other way around. If you regularly go over your internet usage and are changed a small fortune for doing so, then consider stumping up extra on a monthly rather than ad hoc basis for more internet. If you have teenagers who are using up all your bandwidth, a frank conversation with your child about money could be the answer. Is it worth suggesting that they begin to make a contribution to a service they are using?

Use gadgets

If you still want to watch your favorite TV shows, but don’t want to go through a provider at all, then there are ways to do this. Look at some IPTV tutorials to find out how this new technology is replacing cable and satellite services for families around the world.



US water bills are up more than 30% in less than a decade, so it might be time to reconsider that relaxing bubble bath… Switching to a more efficient shower head and showering rather than bathing is a key way you can cut your water bill. There are other options you can consider, such as having a water meter installed, which will allow you to more closely monitor your water usage. Remembering to do the little things will really help as well: not leaving the water run as you brush your teeth, using low flow toilets and water efficient washing machines and dishwashers.

Paying bills

No one likes talking to their providers (or, in fact, anyone else) about money. But, if you’re in a position where you aren’t able to save because of repayments, having become overdrawn or gone into debt, then don’t despair. Remember, these companies want you to be able to pay them back the money. There’s no mileage for them in setting repayment barriers so high that you can’t ever give them back the money. It’s worth having a frank conversation over the phone with the provider about what a reasonable monthly payment might be. Talk to managers and ensure you get the details of your conversation in writing (whether email or post). Good luck!

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