Do you find yourself daydreaming at work about turning your hobby into a full-time career? We’ve all done this at some point. And more often than not, only the difficulty of generating an income from a creative skill puts us off actually taking the plunge.

But with the opportunities social media and the internet market provide us, there are increasingly more creative ways to launch a business from your hobby and really make it pay. However, some hobbies lend themselves to business enterprise more easily than others.

So if you’re looking for some ideas for top crafts and creative hobbies that can actually make you some money, check out the list below.


Are you passionate about ingredients? Love experimenting with global cuisine? Do your friends wait with bated breath for their next dinner invitation?

If so, you might be able to turn your love of all things tasty into a lucrative career. Social media has turned culinary delights into a image-sharing frenzy where adventurous tastes reign supreme, and amateur chefs can really make a name.

You could try starting a blog – writing about your passion or providing recipes and images – start your own cooking Youtube channel, try creating your own food products (like preserves or chocolates) or even invest in a food truck or local restaurant business.

If you love food, there are a multitude of different ways to find a related career.

photo by Eschelle Loftus – mumfection photography


Love taking holiday snaps? Mad about selfies? There has never been such a relentless demand for images and there are lots of ways you can turn your love of light and lenses into cash.

Every business needs a website and some social media content. A great way to get started in photography is to capture some enticing images for local businesses, venues and events, and sell them to the owners and organizers. If you love live music, you could try taking photos of bands and musicians, or capturing the nightlife in clubs and bars.

When it comes to photography, it’s worth investing in the right equipment and finding a niche area to focus on. If you’re interested in wedding photography, you’ll need to invest in a diverse range of lenses, to capture up-close images and bigger portraits.

Landscape or close up photography – like water drop photography with a macro lens – will require different tools, so find your special interest and invest in the right equipment.


You don’t have to write a whole novel or come up with a great movie idea to have a career in writing.

If you love to write and have a specific topic you like to talk about, why not try starting your own blog and making use of social media to promote yourself? Fashion trends, movie reviews, travel experiences, restaurant reviews – whatever catches your imagination, you can write about it and build a following.

The best thing about a career in writing is that it’s a low cost investment: if your specialist blog picks up – great, you can make some money. If it doesn’t, it won’t cost you anything to give it a go. There are plenty of free sites where you can post your writing, you don’t need to buy materials, and it’s a very transferable skill.

DIY Crafts

Some things are just better home-made. And if you love making things, your crafty projects could generate a healthy income as well as keeping you creatively satisfied.

Home-made or hand painted pottery, organic or luxury soaps, colourful fragrant candles, artisan furniture, unique jewelry – if you and your friends like the things you make, there’s a good chance someone else will too. You can even use websites like Etsy to set up your shop and promote further through social media.

Canadian Chic
Photo by Daniel Loftus – mumfection photography


The vintage clothes market is as strong as ever, so if you love trawling through second-shops and have a great eye for valuable trends, you could turn your passion for fashion into a lucrative business.

Similarly, if you know how to make clothes from scratch, customized items, illustrate and print t-shirts, or make accessories like bags or scarves, there are plenty of ways to set up a shop online and find your customer base.

Combine this with a fashion blog or fashion photography, or with your own Youtube channel reviewing your wardrobe and new items, and you can establish yourself as an authority on all things fabric.

And there we have it! Launching your own business can be daunting. But if you love your hobby and can see yourself doing it full time, it’s never been easier to get yourself set up and start making some money. Even if it remains a side-hustle, life is too short not to do what makes you happy!

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