People often focus on how their homes look and feel but do you pay attention to how it smells? The right aroma can stir your senses and evoke a welcoming, peaceful and fresh environment. Whether you’re a fan of subtle scents or overpowering odours, there are numerous ways to keep your home smelling sweet…

Use baking soda on carpets

Baking soda has natural deodorizing properties, so it’s fantastic at getting rid of unpleasant odours. While you might vacuum your carpets and rugs on a regular basis, how often do you shampoo them and subject them to a professional clean?

By sprinkling some baking soda, you can keep your carpets smelling fresh in between washes. While you can use baking soda on carpets in any room in the house, it’s particularly effective in high traffic areas, such as hallways, or anywhere your pets may use.

Add an air purifier

We all know how good fresh air is for you but how fresh is the air in your home? We’re routinely exposed to pollutants in the air, although some environments have more than others. Taking a look at the range of air purifiers on Moonriverchattel and you’ll soon see just how much of a problem air contaminants can be. Fortunately, an air purifier will keep your air clean and your home smelling fresh.

Add dryer sheets to trash cans

The smell of trash is one that’s best avoided, particularly in your home. Of course, it isn’t realistic to take every piece of trash straight outside to an external bin. By adding dryer sheets to your trash cans, however, you can eradicate unpleasant smells.

As well as absorbing odours, many dryer sheets are lightly scented. This means you can get rid of unwanted smells and replace them with a light, fresh scent instead.

Start baking

Nothing smells better than freshly baked cookies or a homemade loaf of bread. If you’re a budding chef, you can take advantage of your culinary talents to keep your home smelling good.

When you’re expecting guests, put some cookies in the oven and let the aroma fill the kitchen. As well as having a tasty snack to offer your guests, they’ll be hit with the inviting aroma of freshly-baked cookies as soon as they step through the door.

Home Smelling Sweet

Add oil to your air filter

If you have an air filtration system or an air conditioner, try adding a couple of drops of essential oil. While you’ll need to check your manufacturer’s instructions before you can do this, it can be a great way of adding fresh scents to your home.

Remember – essential oils can be powerful, so you won’t need to use too much! Choose lemon, eucalyptus or lavender for a fresh and relaxing atmosphere.

Enhance your home all year round

If you really want to make the most of your home, try incorporating different scents at different times of the year. With ocean-fresh odours for the summer and warm cinnamon for the winter, you can make your home inviting at any time of the year.

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