One of the biggest challenges in DIY home decor is figuring out what to do with large open walls. If you try to fit too much on to it, it’s just going to look boring and a little silly. If you don’t do much with it, it’ll look bare and you’ll feel like something is missing on your walls. We understand that it can be difficult to make design decisions when it comes to your walls because of the investment required, so here are a couple of effective ways to dress up a dull wall in a large room with these great home decor tips.

Make it a fun and practical wall

Walls can be a lot of fun if you know what to look for. A practical way to use your walls is to add a large chalkboard or whiteboard to it. This is a great place for you to doodle, add notes or even let your child practice their artwork. If you’re used to teaching your kids at home or explaining things to your family, then it’s a great family meeting spot as well.

You could also consider leaving it relatively blank and installing rolling screen instead. This can be used with a projector if you’re an avid movie watcher, or if you’d like to have a large screen where you can display digital images from a device such as a laptop. If you’re looking for a practical way to dress up your walls, then these two suggestions might be what you’re looking for.

photography of bedroom

Custom prints to hang on your wall

One of the best ways to customize your entire wall and add a bit of personality is to get something custom printed. This is a fantastic way to personalize your walls and give it a “you” feeling. Whether it’s a large art print of your favorite TV show, a scaled-up picture from your wedding day or even just a picturesque holiday photo that you took, there are plenty of options to pick from.

There are also many options when it comes to materials. We suggest trying acrylic prints because of the excellent print quality that they offer, and also their durability. If you’re looking for something a little more unique or heavy, then there are metal print options, but these are a lot more expensive and take more time to print due to the process involved. Lastly, you can also get custom posters and print them on large sheets of paper or special poster materials, but these aren’t as durable unless you frame them beforehand.

Whatever you pick, a custom print is a fantastic way to personalize your walls and make them feel lively once again. We don’t suggest adding too many prints, however, as it can easily overcrowd your wall and make it a little hard to see properly. Instead, we suggest that you focus on just one large print or several smaller ones with plenty of space between each one to make it easier on the eyes.


Re-purposing home items

If you’re really into doing DIY on the cheap then one of the best options is to take existing home items and re-purpose them as wall decorations. For instance, you could try arranging some old plates on your wall that you no longer use, you could hang plant pots and fill them with flowers you’re growing, or you could even use handicraft items such as papercrafts and your child’s artwork. If something unique or decorative is laying around doing nothing in your home, why not consider re-purposing it?

Re-purposing your home items means that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on your decor. The exception to this is if you need to buy small pieces to hang your decorations. However, if you don’t put enough thought into this, it can look really tacky and silly. Make sure you consider what you’re putting on your walls and put a bit of effort into your decor choices. Don’t just slap anything onto the walls–make sure it follows a theme, your color scheme or just looks great on your walls.

There are countless more options that we haven’t explained yet, such as adding lots of shelves for your personal belongings or hanging up holiday memorabilia. However, we hope that these three suggestions have given you some inspiration and will help you pick some fantastic decorations for your walls. Whether you chose a DIY project or a practical decor option, we’re sure that you’ll love giving your boring walls a much-needed makeover.

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