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This holiday season I came across 3 great kids books you will definitely want to add to your library. These books, to me, sparked imagination and spirit in myself and my kids this year and I know you will love them too.

The Lost Book Of Adventure by Unknown Adventurer

This incredible book is an amazing find if you are looking for a book for younger or older kids. Teaching them how to get outside and become amazing adventurers no matter where they might be headed. Whether you are hiking or ice fishing this book is filled with amazing tips and beautiful illustrations to help spark that wanderlust in your kids and teens. If you want to create a kid who knows how to survive in the wild or maybe you want to inspire that outdoor spirit in the first place this is a great place to start. They will learn the best places to setup camp, what they should always have on them before heading out into the woods and so much more – like how to make your very own pair of snowshoes. You can snag this book for under $35 right now too which makes it even better!

kids books

Greta and the Giants by Zoe Tucker & Zoe Persico

Greta Thunberg has become an incredible force in our world and for kids, and young adults this girl is awe-inspiring to say the least. She has sparked a passion inside of so many young people, creating a ripple of change that I hope never stops. So in order to keep that ripple going I wanted to encourage all of you to add this book – or others like it, to your collection. Spread the word, learn and inspire others to stand up to change that is better for us all and better for our world. Inspire change, inspire passion and find this book.

Atlas of Ocean Adventures by Emily Hawkins & Lucy Letherland

I loved this book so much I can barely contain it. This book is so beautifully made and you can look at each page for hours and still find new amazing things to look at. This ocean eye candy is a wonderful way to nurture that little mermaid/man in your life. No matter what age they are this book with inspire them to travel the high seas exploring endlessly all the things they can see. It may also inspire your little ocean warriors to get out there and help make changes to better our planets great oceans. You can snag this book for under $35 too!

I hope these amazing books make it into your kids library this year!

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