I have discovered something amazing. Something that not only your family and friends will all want for themselves, but something that is super useful for small business owners with their own brick and mortar store. Chalkola products are such a beautiful way to decorate, learn with and create with that you will want to get some for everyone.

What is Chalkola?

Chalkola is a great company that creates amazing chalk pens and boards that are great for artists, at home fun, window decorating for business and many more endless possibilities. They have grown from a specific art brand to a household name making quality and affordability one of their biggest focuses. All their products are non-toxic, xylene free and odor free making them great for the whole family no matter how young the member of the family may be. They are also super easy to wash clean from hard surfaces.

These chalk pens are great to write with and create such bright and vibrant colors that you are going to just love. Creating a world of endless creativity these would even be a great addition to any home schooling you might be doing or daycare lessons you have coming up. Perhaps you need some artistic signs for your upcoming wedding or kids birthday party? These would be absolutely perfect and you can use them again and again.

Right now if you use code: ESCHELLE10 on the Chalkola website you can snag yourself 10% off!

I had so much fun with this product and I can’t wait to show it off even more at home and at my new work. It is a great way to add that little extra something artistic in everything you are doing. Chalkola Chalk Markers work great on any non-porous surface, such as whiteboards, glass, non-porous blackboards, metal, ceramics, plastics and vinyl. On porous surfaces, such as concrete, paper, wood and painted surfaces, the markers will still work, but will not wipe clean off. So do make sure you aren’t leaving those kids totally unattended.

They have pens of all shapes, sizes and options (i.e. watercolor or metallics!) – they really do make it easy to create something really beautiful totally with ease.

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