Christmas Garden

For Halloween this year I managed to create an amazing little Graveyard Terrarium for my garden space inside my house. Well since Christmas is close approaching I decided that this definitely needed a Christmas upgrade! I mean I needed something to garden while all my plants enjoyed the hibernation of the Winter months. I quickly got to work stripping down my graveyard and getting it back to basics before I built it back up again.

I managed to find a little miniature live Christmas Tree kit at GardenWorks, I have also seen them at Home Depot, that was going to be perfect for my little terrarium space. Inside was one little baby spruce, a fern and a chicken and hen plant. It also came with a few baubles that were entirely too big for the tree but I managed to use them regardless.

After removing the old plants, plants that desperately needed to be replanted, plants that had been begging me to do so – I was ready to get started. I took out all the trinkets and laid my dirt out in a thin layer to help get my started.

Combining my old nativity scene, the provided baubles and an adorable little bird ornament that I snagged at the Vancouver Christmas Market I had the perfect ingredients for creating something super adorable.

Using the stones from my previous setup I created a walkway that I then lined with babies from my mother of thousands plant. It was the perfect little accent but at that moment I still needed more. So I removed the silver connector on every bauble and placed them upside down in the dirt strategically. It was a great way to still use the baubles that were definitely a little too big for the tree. I clipped in my mini bird and away I went with placing my nativity scene the way I wanted it.

Plants I Used

Baby Mother of Thousands – I actually have this plant in my own collection, currently it is very unhappy with me so I thought this a great opportunity to use it’s vast collection of babies. This way I could add a little something to the pathway of my terrarium while trying to propagate some of the babies off its very sad mother.

Chicken & Hens – A very simple succulent that loves to make babies. I snagged this from the mini Christmas kit that I got. A pretty easy to care for succulent – hard to revive after a bug infestation I have discovered with experience. This little beauty will not meet the same fate as others I have had in the past.

Fern – While the tag didn’t elaborate much on species of fern this is still a very pretty little baby fern. It has a nice contrasting height which made it a nice addition to the terrarium’s look. I am also hopeful that the water loving fern will prevent the chicken and hens from getting too much water.

It was the perfect way to update my holiday terrarium and I can’t wait to see what I come up with for the next few holidays coming up. This is a great way to create a unique table feature in your house this holiday season. A great conversation piece and you can keep the tree once you are done and plant it so it can grow even more for next year!

This would also make a wonderful little gift for any plant lover on your list this year, I know I would love to get something like this all for myself and you could definitely pull off a smaller scene in a wide mouthed vase for sure.

Have fun with it and happy holidays!

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