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“They just don’t make them like they used to.” How many times have you heard that over the years? For me sooo many times: between electronics and cars they just really don’t make them like they used to. Toys especially these days seem to just not be quite the same, not as imagination inspiring as they used to be. So this year I wanted to do something a little different, this year I wanted to highlight some super amazing Retro Toys that Incredible Novelties Inc. has in stock just in time for Christmas.

Now you can show your kids what a good old fashioned time is!


The amount of fun that a simple springy can bring is honestly endless. I would play with my slinkies for EVER and I loved them and Springy is bringing them back in their full old school metal glory. No plastic rainbows here, this is the genuine article! They make the perfect little stocking stuffer and if your kids don’t like it you just got yourself a brand new toy that you know YOU will love to play with. Or maybe you should just get one for everyone JUST in case.

Yo-Yo Kit

Do you remember having a yo-yo as a kid? Or maybe you were lucky like me and actually went to school with a true yo-yo master (no joke he had medals). Whatever the reason you love this toy – it is a good one. These weapon turned toy are a classic for anyone and this kit doesn’t just come with a great yo-yo it comes with a book on how to master all the tricks of the trade. You too could be an accomplished yo-yo master in no time! A great fun gift to give to the kids this Christmas – keep them busy and maybe you will be polishing your kids medals in the not too distant future.

Balloon Animal Kit

Do you have a kid in your house that wants to grow up to be a clown? Or maybe just really loves balloon animals?? Then this amazing balloon animal kit is a great option for them. Of course if grandpa is retired this could also be a great gift for him. He can learn to make animals just for his grandkids and other little kids they meet along the way! I love making balloon animals and I can’t tell you enough just how fun it is to try.

Potato Gun

Kids tired of old school cap guns?? Maybe you are tired of the noise they make? Then look no further than the old school Potato gun! Ask a little cowgirl myself I had one of these beauties and couldn’t get enough. One of these and an elastic gun were my childhood weapons of choice and I was a great shot. Much to my parents protests. I have awesome memories of death gripping my tater while trying to reload before my dad. Nothing beats those memories.

So why not bring some of those classics back and think about snagging yourself some of these awesome Retro toys!


  1. I absolutely love retro toys. In fact we used to own an online store selling retro pedal cars and collectibles.

  2. lol.. I’m so intrigued by that potato gun! Totally sounds like something we would have loved as kids!

  3. These are so nostalgic! My hubby would love them

  4. I love these. The potato gun brings me back to my childhood.

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