You know how it goes; you’re about to embark on the school run or hit some fancy do where all eyes will be on you when the worst happens. Suddenly, the heavens open and you swear you’ve never seen so much rain. Instead of looking like a fashion goddess when you join the other mums or partygoers, you’re at real risk of the drowned rat aesthetic. And, trust us when we say that’s never a good thing!


Sadly, there’s no accounting for the weather, but does that mean you’re doomed to be a fashion weather victim for the rest of your days? Of course not! It merely means you should keep the following pointers in mind to guarantee you look elegant and stylish no matter when the heavens open.

Get a transparent mac

Is it just us, or are raincoats and macs the hardest style items to pull off in all the land? Seriously, these beasts are less fashion and more full-on horror fest. At least, they are if you stock up on any old mac from your local market. But, what if we were to tell you that a transparent mac could be the solution to all your rain-based style troubles? Picture it; everyone else is running around in their bright yellow, garish macs that hide whatever they might be wearing underneath, but there you are, dressed to the nines with a transparent mac to show it all. It’s fashion genius, and it’s a guaranteed way to help you look good no matter the weather. Opting for a knee-length design is especially beneficial here, as it’ll keep even your legs dry without once compromising your outfit.

Invest in fashion rain boots

Footwear can be a problem in rainy weather, too, with the majority of your shoebox suddenly off-limits. Remember, even seemingly sturdy boots can let leaks in if you’re embarking on puddley ground! Instead, you’ll want to opt for fashion rain boots that keep you dry no matter what. Whether you’re after standard or extra wide calf rain boots, you can bet there are some pretty stylish designs out there once you start looking for them. From leopard print to red PVC, there really is no need to opt for bland green options that are never going to do anything for you!


Keep headbands to hand

Lastly, you’ll want to consider your hair. This is the finishing touch to any outfit, after all, and you’re going to struggle to look good if you don’t prevent that drowned hair effect. Luckily, headbands are all the rage right now, with even L.A.’s coolest like Jessica Alba rocking the look. What’s more, a decent set of headbands is enough to keep your hair respectable in any downpour. Simply slip one on before you leave the house, and stay stylish in the rain like all the best fashion names. As simple as that, you can remain the cool fashion icon that you are while others rush around you in their rainy day worst.

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