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I have the best gift idea for you this Christmas. Not only is it amazing for everyday use, it is energy efficient, can help you wake up better in the morning, keep your house safe while you are away on vacation and so much more. Wiz Connected light bulbs are a great idea for anyone this Christmas – in fact, after what I share, you will end up wanting one in every room of your house!

But what exactly is so special about Wiz Connected Bulbs?

Lighting Schedules – That’s right you can schedule each and every light bulb you buy for your house. You can make them go on and turn off at specific times and even schedule full rooms if you have multiple light bulbs in each room.

Vacation Mode – You heard me, there is a vacation mode you can setup for your home while you are away for extended periods. Making your main areas look more lived in. Add that with some good security cameras and you should be feeling pretty secure no matter where you are planning on going.

Plant Growth – Along with all those there is a plant growth mode, so you can even schedule your plants supplementing daylight. This is great for my whole plant room during the Winter time. Now thanks to my two Wiz Connected bulbs out in that room I am going to have happy growing plants all Winter long! I have even managed to schedule it so that it comes on during the morning then again all the way until midnight to give them a good boost.

Peaceful Wake Ups – If you do happen to put one of these awesome lights in yours or your kids room then you can actually schedule a beautiful wake up. You can schedule when you want their 30 minute wake up setting to start to help you wake up to your own little sunrise. It is really a beautiful thing. This is great for anyone who may be deaf in your family. This could be the perfect little alarm wake up that they need!

Party Time – When it is time to entertain your guests you can make it even more exciting with some fun lighting during your party! In fact they even have holiday settings like Christmas and Halloween. If those aren’t what you are looking for you can set it to one of 16 million different color options to choose from!

Romantic Date Nights – You got it they have legit thought of everything even your date nights. They give you a few different options perfect for a date night at home: “candlelight”, “romance”, “sunset” and even some under the sea options for that mermaid you love.

Guess what?!

We are giving you a chance to win yourself a couple of these amazing bulbs for yourself or someone on your Christmas shopping list. Just follow the instructions below for your chance to win some for yourself!!

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  1. I would use these awesome lights in my master bedroom. I like the room pitch black when I sleep, but a gradual light to wake me up gently and gradually would be amazing! I also would use one in my living room for my plants. And of course it would add to our dance parties in my daughter’s play room. 🙂

  2. I would probably have one in the living room, so I could have it come on when we are on the way home, vs coming home to a dark house.

  3. Mostly in the bed rooms, also the front door lights.

  4. Cool, I would use it in my son’s bedroom . Thanks

  5. I would use them for vacation mode in different rooms of my home.

  6. I would use them in the living room and kitchen for when we are on vacation!

  7. I would use these in our living room, love the vacation feature.

  8. I would like to put these in the bedroom.

  9. These bulbs will work well in our bedrooms .

  10. mostly in living room or bedroom!

  11. living room and bedrooms

  12. In the bedroom and bathroom

  13. bedroom and my kitchen

  14. This would be perfect in the bedroom. My partner wakes up early during the week and is constantly hitting the snooze button. I think this would help wake him up.

  15. I would use them in my livingroom and bedroom. Would be nice to ask for the lights to be on when I wake up.

  16. These would go in my masterbedroom!

  17. I would use them in the bedroom!!!

  18. I’d use these in my rec room!

  19. I’d use these in the living room for ambiance.

  20. I can use these light bulbs in my living room and spare bedroom.

  21. My husband would want them in literally every room.

  22. I would use these in my bedroom. they look so cool

  23. These would be really useful in the kitchen and living room when we’re away on vacation.

  24. I would use these awesome lights in my living room

  25. I would use these lights in my kitchen, I have brought a lot of plants indoors for the winter and these lights would really help keep them growing. Thanks for the chance.

  26. I would use these lights in our living/dinning room where the lighting currently is pretty dark. I think it would help a lot.

  27. I would use them in my livingroom

  28. I would use them in my living room!

  29. I’d use these in the living room.

  30. I’ve never seen these before. What a great idea! I’d use them in the bedroom for easy morning wakeups.

  31. These are honestly the coolest bulbs EVER! I guess I’m at the age now where bulbs are cool.

  32. I would use these bulbs in my livingroom

  33. I would use these for my family room.

  34. Would use them in the living room

  35. I would use these in the living room where it is pretty dark and needs good lighting

  36. I would love to use these for my plants and for parties . They sound really neat .

  37. I have so many uses for these lightbulbs. Definitely my plants would be happy, to help me get up in the morning, to have lights when I am coming home because it is already dark, and to have a nice lighting mood when I have friends over.

  38. They’d be perfect for the bedroom.

  39. I would use them in my dining room, which has some plants but very little light.

  40. I would use these in the kitchen, living room and dining room to give the house a lived in look while we are away.

  41. I would use these in the bedroom.

  42. I would love to use these in our living room. It’s where we spend most of our time.

  43. Love to use these in our bedroom as it’s too dim in there!

  44. i would love to use in the livingroom, almost no lighting in there!

  45. I would use these in the living room as the whole room has to be lit with a lamp.

  46. I would use this in my bedroom

  47. I would use this in my living room it would be perfect when we watch movies and dont want to get up to turn the light off

  48. I would use them in my bedroom and living room

  49. These lights would go in my bedroom!! For sure!!

  50. I would use them in the living room ao they could be on just when I needed them

  51. put these in my kids room

  52. I would love to use this in my living room!

  53. I would use it in my living room

  54. We would use the lights in our dining room and kitchen!

  55. I would use these in the living room.

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