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As our parent’s age, they may require more support with day to day tasks. It can be difficult to know where to start to provide the best help. Generally speaking, they’ll want to keep their independence as much as possible. With this in mind, these tips can allow you to offer help without disrupting their usual routine too much.

Safety Proof The House

It’s normal that your parents will probably want to stay living in their own home if possible. To help them out, it can be useful to safety proof the house. A normal house can quickly become hazardous when you get a little older. It can be a good idea to install stairlifts to support using the stairs or assisted bath lifts for the bathroom. Simple apparatus like this can keep your parents safe and provide you with peace of mind.

Use Technology

Technology can help us in a vast variety of ways to keep us and our homes safe. If your parents aren’t too handy with technology, you can help them out by teaching them the ins and outs of a new phone so that they can contact you easily whenever they need too. Many seniors are a real whizz at tech, but others won’t have all the new gadgets figured out yet. As we age, home security can become more of a pressing priority. It can be a good idea to install a good alarm system for your parents, or an intercom so they can check who’s at the door before they open it.

Keep It Fun

When you’re supporting your elderly parents, remember to keep it fun! Ensure that you spend enough quality time together doing fun activities as well as merely helping around the house. Every senior was a young person once and still wants to have fun as much as anyone else! From trips to the pub to dancing at Christmas- make the most of your time together. Check out senior jokes dirty for some fun-filled inspiration and lots of laughs!

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Share The Duties

Of course, taking on all the care duties yourself can take its toll over time. If you have siblings, ensure that you share the duties amongst each other and create a care plan. If not, calling in a personal carer can be a great idea if your parents need help when your at work. Home care options, as and when needed, can be a great alternative to residential care homes. Home care options allow your parents to keep their independence a little more.

Help them stay active

Staying active is really important for healthy aging. With this in mind, help your parents to do so as much as you can. Whether it’s walks in the park or a gentle bike ride, staying active can help our bodies to stay fit over time. Keeping your family healthy is beneficial for everyone involved! At the same time, cognitive health activities are just as important. Any brain training games can be beneficial and fun (and Christmas is the perfect time for fun and games)!

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