Sexual Pleasure and Comfort Matters

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by K-Y. In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of compensation and products. All opinions on this blog are my own and always consult a trusted physician prior to use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

As a woman and mother, my body has been through a lot; both beautiful and hard. My body has created two incredible lives and it has been through a million different changes, some of which were harder to accept than others. One of the biggest adjustments I have had to make throughout all my bodies changes is my approach to sex.

Between pregnancy and after kids my sex life has had to adapt in some incredible ways, and I wanted to talk about those ways to help some of you struggling moms out there. After all not everyone’s bodies work the same and sometimes you need some extra helpers in the bedroom, and I am not talking toys. I am talking about the basics: comfort and communication.


Pregnancy Sex  

Your body is growing a brand-new life, you are exhausted, and your body is changing a thousand times over every minute. Between creating a new life and taking care of a house you barely find yourself in the mood, or maybe you are suddenly always in the mood. Whatever the case maybe your body might not be on the same page as you all the time. Which means sex can sometimes be a challenge and sometimes even getting into the mood. Bring K-Y® WARMING® JELLY PERSONAL LUBRICANT into the bedroom and you can help yourself and your partner get comfortable and in the mood. Being able to connect with your partner in a physical way when you’re pregnant can help everyone emotionally. Create that communication, don’t be afraid of needing a little extra help and start enjoying each other thoroughly before baby comes.  Always remember to consult a physician prior to using any K-Y products while pregnant or breastfeeding.

After Baby Sex 

The house is a mess, the kids are always around the corner and you can hardly find a minute to be alone. Which is why you need to make the most of the little time you have between chores, kids’ stuff and your energy levels. Getting your engines revved and ready to go quickly is sometimes essential which is why I rely on K-Y ® NATURALS® INTIMATE GEL EXTRA MOISTURE+. Works quickly and with its extra moisture doesn’t usually require a new application during play time with your partner. After kids our bodies aren’t responding as fast as they usually do so the extra lubricant can be a huge factor in you and your partner enjoying your physical time together.

Exploring and Learning About Yourself 

After kids your whole-body changes endlessly, which means things that used to get you going before might not be doing the trick anymore. Which is why I am a huge advocate for self-pleasure. Not only are you enjoying a few moments out of your day, you are also getting to know your own body again. In order to have a healthy sex life you need to be open about your changes and communicate what works for you to your partner. Learning about your body will help them learn to pleasure you in a more fulfilling way. Making you both stronger as a couple and happier. So, busting out your K-Y® SENSUAL SILK® PERSONAL LUBRICANT and getting to know yourself a little better can only help you and your partner in the bedroom. The little bottle makes it perfect for travel as well so you can always be prepared when the mood strikes whether you are solo or with your partner.

As the #1 Doctor recommended vaginal lubricant brand K-Y® has always been there to help you and couples have a sex life that is open and empowering. You deserve to have great sex, don’t be afraid to get it which is why they are hosting a HUGE contest starting September 9th! Participants could win 1 of 4 $1000 Spa Gift Cards giving you that chance to relax solo or with your partner in the most glorious way possible – so get those entries in before it is too late!

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