Gift Ideas for Teens

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Teens are always hard to shop for – if they even talk to you to tell you what they want you usually have to decode it all. Anyways I wanted to make things a little easier for those of us with budding teenagers or full force teenagers. This year I wanted to create a list of gift ideas for teens that would help all of us struggling parents of teens. After all aren’t the holidays hard enough on all of us? So I hope that this list helps and if you have anymore ideas let me know in the comments!

I Love Naps Netflix Pillows Cushion Covers Pillowcase Throw Pillow Cover Room Decor Funny Novelty Gift for Teenager Pillowslip,18inchx18inch Color:1

I Love Naps & Netflix Pillows

Have a teen looking for more personality in their room? Then perhaps this is the perfect for your little bedroom dweller. At only $6.72 this pillow cover is the best little idea to put into their stocking, BONUS it will also make you and them laugh a little on Christmas morning.

Acne Pimple Patch

With teens comes pimples and a pimple can sometimes be the end of the world as they know it so help keep them for meeting sweet defeat due to a blemish. Snagging these pimple destroying patching is a great idea to help them out when they get a really bad blemish on the WORST DAY EVER!!!! At only $11.77 to save your teens world from ending – its a steal.

Rocket Launcher

Sometimes a little fun is needed and sometimes reminding your teens that fun lies beyond the screen is a good thing to do. Why not do that through a little bit of rocket launching in the backyard? You may not think this would be a hit but I ask my teen and he was very pleased at the idea and at only $18.99 and FREE shipping I am pleased with it too.

Disco Party Alarm Clock & Bluetooth Speaker

If your kid asked for a speaker this year – let it be this one. This one not only acts as an alarm clock so they can start getting themselves up each day (granted they don’t already), it also plays music and changes colors! Which will make their room look like a disco party when they are listening to their favorite music and getting ready to hang out with their friends and not you. Joy… at $45.99 you’ll be spreading that joy around for sure.

Bluetooth Toque

Just because you are cold doesn’t mean you can’t take your tunes with you in full comfort. These toques are adorable, stylish and perfect for any teen! For $22.09 you can happily snag one for everyone in the house, just make sure your teens is the coolest or they may be embarrassed to match you.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Now I know toothbrushes aren’t amazing but everyone who has a stocking in your house needs one so this year why not go the sustainable root? These toothbrushes come in great colors and are made with love not plastic. What is important to teens these days? The environment, like it should have been important to those boomers, so why not show them how to make those more sustainable steps. You can snag 5 rainbow ones for under 6 bucks which is brilliant!

Punching Bag with Stand

Being a teenager is hard (insert my mom eye roll), their emotions are going insane which makes them feel like the world is always collapsing around them and they can’t process all those emotions surging them all at once. Sometimes the way those teens express that surge of confusing and uncontrollable waves of emotion is by lashing out and being generally angry monsters. One great way to help them manage those feelings is with a punching bag and at $34.19 this emotion manager is a steal of a deal.

LED bluetooth Light Bulb

Now I know what you are thinking: why is she telling us about a light bulb for our teens. Becuase this one is cool man, not at cool as the other ones i’ll be showing you later this week for the rest of your home but this one your teens will love. They can change colors AND are a bluetooth speaker. It is pretty fantastic and not too bad on your wallet either at only $22.89.

Of course if these ideas didn’t help get those gears moving you can always give up and give JUST toiletries, clothes and gift cards. Teens love a chance to spend money so a Gift Card = freedom, shopping with friends and new things THEY like. Never turn your nose up to a gift card when you are shopping for teenagers.

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