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I find that sometimes the hardest people to shop for at the littlest members of the family. The baby who is seemingly drowning in items and also never seems to have enough things. When my kids were little they were so hard to shop for and now that I am having nieces and nephews things are just as hard for me. So when I find a company like Moluk that makes amazing sensory friendly product for babies and toddlers I make sure everyone I know with a baby is getting something this Christmas.

Imagination Expanding

I hate that kids these days seem to be losing the one thing that makes them so amazing: their imaginations. It is like their brains are lazy with all these devices and imaginative play doesn’t seem to happen quite as often as I remember it happening when I was a kid. So when I see a company doing everything they can to try and spark that type of imagination in kids I totally fall in love. Which is why I love their Bilibo; an award winning open-ended toy that is incredibly simple yet filled with endless possibilities.

Helping Motor Skills

For babies, helping fine tune those motor skills is key. The better they get at handling themselves the less of a mess they will make around them, trust me on this. I love babies but there are a lot of messes that could be avoided so fun practice with great toys like Moluks is always a great idea. If you are looking for a great baby grip toy for this holiday season they have a great line of different ones for varying ages and stages! Their soft ones are great for teethers too and they have great grips and are nice and soft and durable food grade silicone.

Bath time Fun

Bath time for little ones isn’t always sunshine and rainbows – sometimes it is tear and blood curdling screams. So when I see super fun and super adorable sensory friendly bath toys I get excited. Not only are these super cute to play with as an adult with your little one during bath time, they do an amazing job at distracting your little one. Sometimes a little distraction is exactly what baby needs to start enjoying their bath. The Plui set is great for any little one on your list this holiday season. With the little white rain cloud will actually rain little droplets just like a light spring rain here in Vancouver and the little sunshine has soft little bristles that will tickle your little one and let them tickle you!

Moluk has a great line of toys for the littlest families members you might be shopping for this year – tell me what you love to gift to babies!


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