foam alive

My kids love to play with things like slime and kinetic sand and if your kids do too then I have a great idea for their stockings this year. Foam Alive and Stretchy Sand are going to be your kids favorite thing this year – trust me.

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Both of these will have your kids off their devices enjoying some hands on creative play with some super fun sandy fun. With lots of great colors too choose from you are guaranteed to find the perfect color choice for each of your kids stockings this holiday season.

Foam Alive never dries and looks like it has a life of its own. This happy to prance about foam like kinetic sand is great for fooling around with. Throw a bunch into a big tub and it would make a really fun base for a sensory box for home schoolers. We love forming it into a shape and then watching it collapse into a fluffy like substance. For only $4.99 a pack you can’t really go wrong – bonus they’re a decent size so will take up some good real estate inside any kids stocking.

foam alive

Stretchy Sand is definitely one of my kids favorites this year and for us mums it is going to be a huge bonus. This stretchy sand is virtually mess free and what it does leave is super easy to clean up and very minimal. It is definitely awesome for me in terms of clean up and I loved playing with it myself. This a great stress reliever and it will just keep on stretching. For only $9.99 a tub this they will make a great addition to any little kids Christmas. Pair it with a few packs of fun cookie cutters from the dollar store and you have hours of fun for a great price.

This holiday season give a little creativity with these great kinetic sand products.


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