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I think that one of the best parts about the holidays is being able to be close enough to someone to buy them a gag gift. My dad always used to love giving gifts that would make someone laugh. Gag gifts are some of the best parts of Christmas and this year I want to make sure you can spread some laughter without breaking the bank.

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Or maybe I am exactly like him I guess it really all depends who you gift some of my suggestions too… I wouldn’t think any of my suggestions would end up in the hands of grandma unless grandma has a bit of a potty mouth herself.

You know… like I will when I get old… older.

So without wasting anymore of your precious time I bring to you my amazing list of gag gifts perfect for those with a sense of humor on your list this year!

F@!k This Shitshow: a gratitude journal for tired-ass women – is a great idea for the woman in your life who has everything. Sometimes the woman who seemingly has everything is also incredible fed up with the B.S. of office life, home life and anything else that pushes her buttons that day. Sometimes we need a reminder that we are awesome and we need to LET IT GO. This book hopefully helps and is only $16.44 right now.

Flickin Chicken Game – is hilarious fun for the whole family. Can you imagine the faces of all your nieces and nephews as they open these babies up and start flinging them across the holiday living room?! They are the perfect most hilarious toy and will provide the whole family with pant pee-ing good fun – right now is it only $18.81.

Dad Bod Fanny Pack – For the man who has always wanted that dad bod but couldn’t quick drink enough 6 packs to get there. Now you can make all their dreams, and your fantasies a reality with this amazing dad bod fanny pack. That’s right ladies you could have a the chubby Thor of your dreams in just one simple purchase of $13.87 + $4.00 shipping.

Edible Anus Chocolates – For the person in your family who is always kind of a jerk. You love them but they’re always a sour puss, especially around the holidays. This might just fit the bill and they’re all milk chocolate too. For only $8.84 + $3.00 shipping these are a bit of a steal.

Potty Putter – Whether you are trying to potty train your kid and keep them busy but ON THE TOILET or you are just trying to keep your hubby happy and off his phone on the toilet, then this gift is for you. This is a great idea for the man who can’t quite seem to stop golfing, now he never has too even when nature calls! For $8.39 and NO SHIPPING COSTS you kinda have to buy one for every golfer in your life.

The Hungover Cookbook – have a party animal in your family who loves to cook? Then they will definitely get a kick out of this great cookbook. A cookbook specifically designed to help you recover from your hangover anytime of year. With great recipes and even graphic tests to help you see where your head is at the morning after a great time. For only $10.89 in hardcover (less in paperback) it is a great addition to any gifts you plan to give that party animal you love so much.

The Farting Animals Coloring Book – This is the most perfect gift in the world for the little skunk in your life. If you have a little fart loving man in your life then this will definitely fill them with lots of giggles and toots. They can stink up their rooms and color in peace as they laugh and color in green stink clouds. For only $6.99 you can get one for everyone this year.

Bob Ross Paint By Numbers – Everyone loves Bob Ross so if you are struggling to find something for anyone on your list this beauty could be the perfect solution for you. With several different little paintings and all the paint you need this kit can take anyone away on a peaceful happy tree adventure. Turn on your fav episode and get your paint on for only $12.38!

Adventures of Tiny Dick: the Coloring Book – This book is just super cute and super hilarious I may even get one for myself cause the little penis is just the cutest thing ever. BONUS it comes with “paper dolls”, well paper dicks anyways which makes it even more adorbs. This will make anyone laugh – for only $6.53 you can get one for everyone in the family!

This year make sure to gift some laughs, you wont regret it!

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