The winter is going to be quite cold this year, and we’re going to see a lot of sub zero and freezing cold temperatures up and down the country. You had your house renovated during the summer, when conditions were perfect for putting that new loft conversion in, but now the weather outside is about to become frightful.

And because of that, it’s time to be aware of the amount of dangers your house could fall prey to with these colder elements outside. Because the winter is one of the worst times of year for your four walls, and if you’re not too sure why that is, we’ve got a couple of lessons below that are perfect for you.

Homes Are Supposed to Be Shelters From the Cold

If you’re living inside a home, you’re supposed to be warm and dry, and if your house doesn’t allow you to be either of those things, some things need to change! You need to look into what’s causing these kind of cold and wet problems, and what you can do about it, even when the cold is already permeating your walls and the call out charges are getting exponential. Don’t worry, DIY can always come in handy here.

Frozen Pipes Create Water Damage

The pipes in your house can freeze during the winter, and because of that, they can eventually burst and flood your rooms if not taken care of. Frozen water makes the pipes expand to unnatural points, and the pipes won’t be able to keep up with this, and thus will just break down and let all of the water inside flow out.

Snow Covered Village

It’s why it’s key to wrap up your bathroom pipes with gauze materials during the colder months of the year. The amount of tiles we typically have in the bathroom can serve to make it the coldest room in the house, and that doesn’t do anyone any good!

The Damp Can Thrive

The winter can be quite wet and cold all at once, and that can lead to a persistent damp problem in quite a few areas of your home. And one of the worst areas of risk is the top of your house – if there are any gaps in the roof, or pockets of mold in the tiles, there’s a good chance the problem will get a lot worse when the elements start to get freezing.

If you’re aware of your attic being rather a cold place, or you know the insulation up there isn’t as strong as it once was, you might need to look into some roofing repair, even just for a worksite survey. This will check for any damage to your roof and the underlying layer, as well as the walls holding up the top of your house.

The winter is dangerous for all kinds of reasons, but when it comes to our homes, these reasons above are some of the most dangerous to keep an eye out for.

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